About Blasina & Asociados

Blasina & Asociados is an agribusiness research and consulting company based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Our team of dedicated professionals work in four main areas: market analysis, agribusiness reporting, consulting services and project development.

We understand that market realities are explainable and, to a certain point, predictable. We share and support the vision of Uruguay as a high-quality producer and global exporter of food. It is upon that foundation and vision that we craft agribusiness strategies for our clients. 

Our services

Agroindustrial Consulting

We offer personalized agricultural consulting services custom-tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements. This Department is responsible for conducting several tasks including:

  • Investment appraisal
  • Market analysis
  • Supply and demand forecasting
  • Guiding foreign investors with initial entry or expansion in Uruguay agribusiness (Farms.uy)

Agribusiness Consulting

We are part of the agribusiness consulting company ABC Uruguay, with whom we work in the optimization of livestock and crop companies, the development of soil use and management plans and other types of critical agribusiness decision-making.

Our products

Tiempo de Cambio

A daily radio program broadcast live from 11 AM to 12:30 PM through CX 4, Radio Rural, since October, 1st 2001. The program takes an in-depth look at market information as it pertains to the main sectors of Uruguay agriculture.  Tiempo de Cambio is recognized as a market leader sharing real-time market information and analyses of trends impacting Uruguay agribusiness.

Conexión Agropecuaria

A weekly report focused on agriculture market analysis.  Conexión Agropecuaria offers a concise summary of the beef, grain, dairy, wool markets as well as weather forecasts, currency movements and trend analysis.     


A weekly report focused on Uruguay meat production and its emerging role on the world stage. Ganderia.uy analyzes Uruguay beef and sheepmeat prices, slaughter activity, export data and other current events impacting local and international markets. 

Recommended advertising

A powerful platform for companies to share their message through e-mail marketing to all contacts in the Blasina & Asociados database. These advertisements are published Monday through Friday with detailed information and direct links to your company’s website. This is an ideal platform for new product and service launches, event announcements, academic courses, cattle auctions and other agribusiness-related events..

Conexión Tecnológica

A digital newsletter exclusively for companies to communicate and promote the launch of new products and services, market research, meetings and seminars.

Perspectivas Agropecuarias

Perspectivas Agropecuarias is the annual almanac presented by Blasina & Asociados every March during ExpoActiva. The Almanac offers detailed analysis of all sectors of Uruguay agribusiness and forecasts for the year ahead.  

Our team

  • Director

    Ing. Agr. Eduardo Blasina

    Mail: eduardo.blasina@gmail.com

    Cel: 098 720 721

  • Content

    Cecilia Ferreira

    Mail: cecilia@blasinayasociados.com

    Cecilia Pattarino

    Mail: productores@blasinayasociados.com

  • Marketing

    Alejandro Brescia

    Mail: bresciaalejandro@gmail.com

    Cel: 099 590 051 / 099 210 403

    Patricia Porley

    Mail: ventas@blasinayasociados.com

    Cel. 098 726 727

  • Administration

    Eliángeles Salguiero

    Mail: contacto@blasinayasociados.com

    Tel.: 2400 90 08

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